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international women's club of dublin


The International Women’s Club of Dublin (IWCD) Privacy Policy sets out how the Club collects, uses and protects any personal data that Members provide upon registration or at any point after the registration. We collect certain personal information that is necessary to run our ordinary Club activities and for communication purposes.

Members’ personal data is available to all other members on and through the WildApricot Members App. 

By logging to our website Members can access, control and update their personal data and data sharing preferences at any time. 

The International Women’s Club of Dublin (IWCD) Privacy Policy ensures that our Members personal data and privacy is securely protected and is not shared directly with any third parties. 

This Privacy Policy is subject for review and update at any time. Club Members will be informed by email when those changes and/or updates are made. If necessary, Members can be asked for their consent to the revised Policy. Continued use of our website and app constitutes Member’s acceptance of the latest version of the IWCD Privacy Policy.

What data and information we collect

Members have access to all the information IWCD collects. By logging into their Member Profile, Members can freely access this information as well as the details regarding any payments and/or purchases made through our website. IWCD do not collect or store debit or credit card details.

How we use the information and data we collect

We ask our Members to supply certain personal information to effectively run our Club and to provide the Members with the most relevant experience to meet their expectations. This information can be used, but not limited to, for the following:

  • To send invitations to activities in which a Member expressed interest (coffee mornings, volunteering activities, potluck lunches, food tastings, etc.).
  • To send regular newsletters, announcements or any other important Club communication.
  • To run reports by Committee members, Assistants and/or accredited volunteers to monitor various Club cultural and management activities.
  • Images are used for internal administrative and internal publicity purposes.
  • Process and manage payments and receipts for our financial operations on behalf of our Members.
  • Tools for getting information to the Members and to communicate with them.
  • Management tools for our Club administrative activities.
  • Outsourced marketing and management needs.
  • Social media activities.

It is against our Club’s Privacy Policy and culture to use personal Members’ information for any commercial, marketing or personal gain purposes.

Third parties

Due to our Club cultural and administrative activities we use third party companies for the following, but not limited to, purposes:

All third party companies are solely responsible for their own GDPR compliance. Members are invited to refer to each third party own Privacy Policies for more information.

Withdrawing consent

Being a Member of The International Women’s Club of Dublin (IWCD) implies that you explicitly consent for IWCD to use all your provided personal information, including images, for internal administrative and internal publicity purposes. The Club cannot function without Members’ consent to the latter. If you wish to withdraw your consent please do so in writing to as you will no longer be able to be Member of our Club. Members can withdraw their consent at any time.

Electronic communication (newsletters, announcements, etc.)

Members can opt out at any time by choosing to unsubscribe from IWCD emails. Members who choose this option will no longer receive email communication on behalf of our Club. It is possible to opt in again to receive emails from IWCD by logging into Members Profile and by updating your preferences.


A cookie is a small file that a website places on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie file collects specific information when you visit a website from your computer. Cookies don’t have access to your computer and they don’t have access to personal information.

The cookie automatically sends collected information to the site provider. This helps us to monitor our website traffic and activity such as, but not limited to: which pages you visit, how long you stay on a certain page, from which country traffic is coming, etc.

You have the possibility opt out from using cookies by modifying the settings of the browser on your computer.

Links to other websites

IWCD website contains links to some other websites that our members may find relevant. After you click on a link you’ll automatically leave IWCD website and will be redirected to the other website. The International Women’s Club of Dublin (IWCD) declines any responsibility for the Privacy Policy and/or information provided on other websites. 

Website and Members Profile security

The International Women’s Club of Dublin (IWCD) is committed to ensuring that our Members’ information is secure and is dealt with accordingly. We’ve put in place proper procedures to secure the access to the information we collect.

We also advise our Members to use a strong password to protect their Member Profile online. 

Updated 18 May 2018 

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